If the concept of feeding your child 100 meals earlier than one sounds overwhelming…don’t stress!

Infants don’t get up on their first birthday and magically know the way to eat 100 meals. They want numerous time and area to study HOW to eat.

My 100 FIRST FOODS strategy to baby-led weaning is constructed on the again of my very own 5-STEP FEEDING FRAMEWORK.

I created this framework in 2016 to assist mother and father safely introduce their infants to 1 new meals per day, 5 days per week.

Katie Ferraro’s 5-STEP FEEDING FRAMEWORK takes the guesswork out of feeding meals to your child. Utilizing this 5-STEP FEEDING FRAMEWORK every week we provide 5 new meals to child:

  • 1 new fruit

  • 1 new vegetable

  • 1 new starchy meals

  • 1 new protein

  • 1 new allergenic meals

Should you spend time on my Instagram account @babyledweanteam or inside any of my baby-led weaning workshops or packages, you’ll see infants everywhere in the world using this strategy to soundly eat 100 meals earlier than turning 1!



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