Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that can be utilized as a scrumptious ingredient in every kind of various dishes. However cabbage is basically solely harvested within the fall months, so it may be tough to have recent cabbage year-round, which might go away you asking are you able to freeze cabbage?

The reality is, you possibly can freeze cabbage, however it isn’t all the time as easy as you might suppose. Whether or not you’re making home made ramen with inexperienced cabbage, a creamy coleslaw with purple cabbage, or perhaps a veggie casserole with each–likelihood is you will have some cabbage.

Learn on to seek out out all about freezing cabbage so you possibly can have the best-tasting cabbage dishes all 12 months lengthy.

Completely different Methods to Freeze Cabbage

Like anything in life, there isn’t any one solution to freeze cabbage. Precisely what you might want to do and when will fluctuate relying on what you plan to make along with your cabbage. Listed below are among the other ways you possibly can freeze cabbage uncooked or cooked.

How one can Freeze Contemporary Cabbage

Have you ever picked up a ton of recent cabbage from a neighborhood farm? Or perhaps from your personal backyard? Beneath are the steps you should utilize to freeze uncooked cabbage to maintain it as recent as doable.


Step 1. Wash your cabbage completely to rid it of any grime, bugs, or different grime. Take off the skin leaves and submerge the entire cabbage in a big pot of chilly water.

Step 2. Depart the uncooked cabbage submerged for a full half-hour.

Step 3. Take away the entire cabbage from the water, shake it, then set it on a paper towel to dry.

Step 4. Minimize your cabbage and place it in boiling water for two minutes. Then instantly place in an ice bathtub.

Step 5. After blanching your cabbage, take away it from the ice-cold water and shake to take away extra water a second time. Place the cabbage on a parchment-lined baking sheet and place it within the freezer instantly.

Step 6. Give the blanched cabbage 6 to 10 hours to flash freeze, then pull it out and put it within the container you intend to retailer it in, similar to freezer baggage or a plastic bag. Guarantee this container is closed tightly and return to the freezer.

And identical to that, now you will have some frozen cabbage to drag out everytime you want it for a recipe.

How to Freeze Fresh Cabbage

How one can Freeze Cabbage With out Blanching it

Perhaps you’re studying the above directions and pondering it’ll simply be too many steps to freeze cabbage if you must blanch it. To not fear, as you don’t have to blanch cabbage earlier than you freeze it.

Right here’s the best way to freeze cabbage uncooked.


Step 1. Wash the uncooked cabbage below cool water to rid it of any bugs, mud, or grime. Subsequent, place the cabbage in a container of cool water and permit it to soak for not less than an hour.

Step 2. Take away the outer leaves from the cabbage as these are sometimes previous and could be yellowed. Eradicating the outer leaves of your cabbage may help to increase its shelf life when frozen.

Step 3. When you can place the complete cabbage head in your freezer, it will take up quite a lot of room. Take the time now to chop the cabbage on a slicing board into the form/measurement you need it to be in whenever you retailer it. You may chop it, shred it, or make it into cabbage wedges.

Step 4. That is why you might want to take into account what you’ll use the cabbage for earlier than you freeze it. As a result of if you wish to make one thing like cabbage rolls, chopping your cabbage earlier than freezing it isn’t going to work.

Step 5. Put your cabbage wedges or complete cabbage in a freezer-safe container, similar to a bowl coated with plastic wrap, or freezer baggage then place it within the freezer and permit it to freeze in a single day.

How to Freeze cooked Cabbage

How one can Freeze Cooked Cabbage

Have you ever already cooked your cabbage however made slightly an excessive amount of? You may freeze it too.

Learn the next steps for freezing cooked cabbage.


Step 1. Let the cooked cabbage dish you made cool utterly. Enable it to dry if it was moist, similar to a boiled bok choy.

Step 2. As soon as it’s room temperature, switch your cabbage to a freezer-safe container, like a plastic bag, making certain it’s air-tight.

Step 3. Put your cooked cabbage within the freezer and permit it to freeze utterly. Cabbage will keep good utilizing this technique for 3-5 months.

Step 4. Do notice, nevertheless, in case your cabbage dish accommodates different components, just like the tomatoes present in cabbage rolls, you might want to take into account the shelf life of those dishes earlier than you place your cabbage within the freezer long run.

How one can Retailer Cabbage within the Freezer

Clearly, you possibly can’t simply stick a head of cabbage within the freezer. Not solely does this take up quite a lot of house, however it received’t keep recent.

It might additionally trigger your cabbage to get freezer burn.

As a substitute, it’s best to put money into strategies to correctly retailer your cabbage within the freezer.

How to Store Cabbage in the Freezer

Freezer Secure Containers

A freezer-safe container is important when freezing cabbage. Any sort of container that seals and retains the moisture from inflicting your cabbage to freezer burn is taken into account a freezer-safe container.

Putting your cabbage within the correct container may help prolong its shelf life.

Listed below are some examples of an hermetic container:

  • Freezer Luggage
  • Plastic Container (Like Tupperware)
  • Plastic Bag (Like Ziploc)
  • Giant bowl coated tightly with plastic wrap
  • Vacuum Sealed Pouch

Refrigerating Cabbage

Though freezing cabbage may be very straightforward, so is preserving it within the fridge. So long as you intend to eat your cabbage inside 5 days, preserving it within the fridge shall be simply high quality.

Right here are some things to bear in mind when storing cabbage within the fridge.

Hold it within the Vegetable Space

Cabbage is a flexible vegetable however tends to do higher when saved within the crisper drawer within the fridge. When you eat quite a lot of veggies, there is probably not room to your full cabbage heads.

So it’s best to take into account chopping your cabbage into shredded cabbage earlier than storing it within the fridge.

Place it in a Freezer Bag

Regardless that it isn’t going within the freezer, it’s all the time finest to maintain your cabbage in an air-tight container.

A freezer bag is a superb possibility, as it will preserve your cabbage recent so you possibly can put it in all of your favourite recipes.

How one can Use Frozen Cabbage

One factor it’s best to find out about frozen cabbage is that whenever you thaw it, the consistency of the cabbage might change. And the identical occurs in the course of the cooking course of.

As a substitute of being crisp because it was when it was recent, it could be slightly softer.

Due to this fact, many individuals select to make use of frozen cabbage in cabbage soup, or as stuffing for cabbage rolls.

Right here’s the best way to use frozen cabbage in a soup.


Step 1. When making soup with frozen cabbage, there isn’t any must thaw earlier than you start. As a substitute, merely boil water in a big pot and start placing collectively your broth.

Step 2. As you add the remainder of the greens in your recipe to the soup, pull the chopped cabbage immediately out of the fridge and place it within the soup.

Step 3. Frozen cabbage tastes finest when it’s cooked totally, so earlier than you serve your soup, be sure you style a bit of the chopped cabbage to make sure it’s cooked all through.

How to Thaw Frozen Cabbage

How one can Thaw Frozen Cabbage

For these making stuffed cabbage rolls or stir fry, you might discover that you might want to thaw cabbage earlier than including it to the recipe.

Thawing your cabbage is straightforward. Merely take away it from the freezer 3-4 hours earlier than you intend to eat it.

Cabbage may be very skinny and thaws rapidly however you possibly can permit it to thaw in a single day in case you so select.

How one can Reheat Frozen Cabbage

There are a few other ways you possibly can reheat frozen cabbage, the perfect of which is by inserting the frozen cabbage in your oven. Right here is the way you accomplish that.


Step 1. Preheat your oven to 350 levels Fahrenheit.

Step 2. Place cabbage on an oven tray lined with aluminum foil. If you will add a sauce to your cabbage, it’s a good suggestion so as to add it now.

Step 3. Bake your cabbage for 5-10 minutes or till the specified consistency is reached. If you’re making cabbage rolls, they’ll take considerably longer to reheat than shredded cabbage will.

How one can Inform if Cabbage Has Gone Unhealthy

Fearful some cabbage you will have frozen might have gone dangerous? It’s doable, as even with an extended shelf life in case you don’t use frozen cooked cabbage in time, it’ll go dangerous.

The primary solution to know that cabbage has gone dangerous is by smelling it. Does it odor like decay or ammonia? Then it has positively gone dangerous.

These with no good nostril might battle with smelling to see if cabbage is dangerous. You may confirm your issues by slicing open your complete cabbage head with a pointy knife to try the within.

If any of the leaves are greyish, black, or appear to be they’re decaying, then it’s time to toss the cabbage within the trash.

As all the time, if there are any seen indicators of mildew or slime on the cabbage, then it’s not a nutritious meals and you shouldn’t try and eat it.

Can You Freeze Cabbage FAQ

Can You Freeze Cabbage With out Blanching?

It’s doable to get a cabbage frozen with out blanching it beforehand. Simply remember that minimize cabbage that’s rinsed and positioned immediately within the freezer might stick collectively.

Minimize cabbage is not going to final close to so long as shredded cabbage that has been correctly blanched.

How Lengthy Does Cabbage Final within the Freezer?

Because of the freezing course of, cabbage that’s blanched which implies it was briefly boiled then put immediately in ice water) then positioned in an hermetic container will keep recent for 3-5 months. Cabbage that’s frozen with out blanching will solely keep good for 1-2 months.

Does Freezing Cabbage Change the Texture?

Once you freeze cabbage that has been blanched, there’ll doubtless be little or no change to its texture. You must, nevertheless, be ready for frozen cabbage to not be fairly as crispy as recent cabbage as soon as it’s thawed.

Is it Higher to Freeze Cooked or Uncooked Cabbage?

Cabbage which has been blanched, which is a kind of cooking, retains far more of its nutritional vitamins and minerals and lasts far longer within the fridge. For that reason, it’s thought-about significantly better to freeze cooked, or blanched cabbage quite than simply sticking an entire head within the freezer uncooked.

It is very important notice that sure forms of cabbage are inclined to do higher within the freezer than others. Inexperienced cabbage, purple cabbage, and savoy cabbage all appear to resist the freezing course of pretty properly.

Can You Freeze Cabbage Conclusion

General, in case you aren’t but accustomed to cabbage, it’s time to introduce this superb vegetable into your food regimen, particularly now that you realize the reply to are you able to freeze cabbage, is sure.

Whether or not you determine to freeze your cabbage utilizing balancing strategies, or maybe simply preserve it in your fridge, you possibly can’t go fallacious with regards to utilizing it in your favourite recipes. So subsequent time you head to the shop, don’t be afraid to seize a wide range of cabbage heads to maintain in your freezer as a result of, in any case, they’ll keep there for 3-5 months.



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