This scrumptious and soothing candy concoction is know as Chinese language Almond Dessert Soup 杏仁糊, or additionally typically as Chinese language Almond Tea 杏仁茶.   Moderately mockingly it is not manufactured from almonds in any respect, moderately it is produced from the kernels of apricots, apricot seeds, also called xingren or 杏仁.  Most likely the rationale it is referred to as an ‘almond’ dessert is as a result of apricot seeds exude an intense, scrumptious, almond-y aroma that’s actually simply pretty.  Extra almond-y than almonds!  This dessert soup is taken into account by the Chinese language to be soothing for the lungs, serving to to cease coughs and simply usually boosting your well being.  
Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,
Apricot kernel seeds, skins eliminated, as bought in Chinese language markets

Whereas I used to be doing my analysis on this publish I got here throughout an fascinating conundrum.  Apparently apricot seeds are thought of harmful to eat!   They include one thing referred to as amygdalin which converts to hydrogen cyanide in our tummies.  Ugh!  However it is a conventional Chinese language dessert, a normal at Chinese language dessert retailers and my household and I’ve at all times loved this scrumptious soup.  So what provides?  Is it suitable for eating as my Chinese language pharmacy (the place I obtained the apricot seeds) insisted or is it not protected as so many non Chinese language sources insisted.  

Okay the lowdown as I perceive it’s this.  Initially there are two kinds of apricot seeds.  For those who look nearer on the photograph above you’ll be able to see that there are two sizes of seeds, one larger, one smaller.  The bigger one is called the southern candy apricot seed,  南杏, which, because the identify implies gives a candy almond-y marzipan-y taste.  These candy seeds have a really low stage of amygdalin and are suitable for eating so long as you do not eat an enormous quantity.  In our dessert soup we’ll primarily use any such seed.

The smaller seed is called the northern bitter apricot seed,  北杏,  and on this dessert soup we use it to offer a chunk of bitterness to distinction the candy apricot seed, balancing and enhancing the general taste.  The bitterness is indicative of a better stage of amygdalin and due to this fact toxicity and thus should be used with warning.

What does this all imply?  By no means ever eat uncooked raw bitter apricot seeds.  Simply to be on the protected facet, do not eat both sort uncooked.  Nonetheless, with the skins eliminated (the skins are brown like almond skins), soaked in a single day and cooked for no less than 20 minutes the toxicity needs to be eliminated and the seeds needs to be positive to eat.  If serving to kids I like to recommend not including the bitter apricot seeds and simply utilizing the candy ones.

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

So, on to the precise making of this conventional Chinese language dessert soup.  Step one is the in a single day soaking of the seeds.  A very good spoonful of rice is added in for an additional layer of taste. 

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,
The soaking water is poured out and the soaked seeds rinsed effectively below working water.  The seeds and rice are then added to a meals processor or stick blender to pulverize.
Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

Add a couple of fourth cup of water at a time as much as a couple of cup and a half as you pulverize.  Including water in in phases permits the seeds to be pureed extra finely.

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

Right here is my remaining purée of seeds.   Could possibly be finer if I had higher gear however that’s okay.  That is as positive as I may get it.  Time for the subsequent stage!

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

Water is boiled after which the apricot kernel purée is added to it.  Let it boil for at the very least 20 minutes!  

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

As soon as you’ve got boiled the puree for 20 minutes it is time to add the sugar and simmer till you attain the specified consistency.  Relating to the consistency, it’s best to know that there’s Almond Dessert Soup and there may be Almond Tea.  The distinction between the 2 I consider is within the consistency and texture of the ultimate dish.  The dessert soup is thicker and should or could not have the finely floor apricot kernels in it, in line with your choice.  The tea is thinner, drinkable, and most positively doesn’t have the apricot kernel grounds in it.  

We just like the thicker Almond Soup model and love the feel that the apricot kernels add to the soup.  For those who just like the Almond Tea model use a cheesecloth to pressure out the grounds earlier than serving.  Belief me it’s yummilicious each methods 😋.  Hope you all will get pleasure from a bowl of this candy soup to heat you up on chilly nights this winter!

Almond Dessert Soup, recipe, Chinese, dessert, soup, Almond Tea, 杏仁糊,杏仁茶,

Chinese language Almond Dessert Soup Recipe  杏仁糊

(tailored from the Knowledge of the Chinese language Kitchen by Grace Younger)

Soaking time: in a single day   Prep time:5 minutes    Prepare dinner time: 25 minutes

1 cup skinless candy apricot seeds 南杏

15 skinless bitter apricot seeds 北杏

3 tbsp rice

1/3 cup rock sugar, or to style

6 1/2 cups water

Soak candy apricot seeds, bitter almond seeds and rice in cool water to cowl in a single day.  Pressure away soaking water.  Rinse the seeds below working water.  

Puree seeds and rice in meals processor.  Add 1 1/2 cup water in 1/4 cup at a time as you puree till the kernels are finely puréed into a skinny watery paste.

Add 5 cups water to a pot.  Warmth till boiling.  Add in purée.  Simmer for at the very least 20 minutes.  If you don’t need the seed grounds within the soup, take away from warmth and let cool sufficient with the intention to pressure grounds out with cheesecloth.  Return the strained liquid to the pot. 

Add rock sugar, stirring till melted and sweetened to your liking.  If making Almond Dessert Soup proceed simmering till it reaches the consistency of barely thickened soup.  If making Almond Tea simmer till it reaches a drinkable consistency like sizzling chocolate.   If it turns into too thick at any time simply add water.

Serve Almond Dessert Soup in bowls.  Serve Almond Tea in tea cups.  Take pleasure in!

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