A Uncooked Milk Advocate

One among Gepner’s motivations behind all his lessons is to sensitize folks to environmental and animal points. He discusses uncooked milk vs pasteurized milk, industrial milk vs farmstead milk. “My aim is to make folks understand what they’re consuming and that the act of consuming cheese truly has an influence on the surroundings and the well-being of animals.”

He explains that “pasteurized” means the milk have to be heated to 72 levels Celsius (161 Fahrenheit) for 15 seconds to kill the micro organism. “It doesn’t have an effect on the animal, “he says, “but it surely’s a way used within the trade in order that they don’t must be so involved about having good milk within the first place. This permits large corporations and factories to industrialize the method of cheesemaking, as a result of if you kill the milk on this approach, you should utilize machines to make, for instance, 100,000 camembert a day.”

Clearly, Gepner feels strongly about this. “If you kill all of the micro organism within the milk, it means you possibly can have soiled milk within the first place,” he says. “When animals are badly handled, particularly by being fed non-nutritious meals that’s centered on making them super-productive, they’ll solely final a 12 months or two. You then kill their stomachs and kill them, and they are going to be steaks after two years.” He provides, “The dairy trade, like different big meals industries, has a really darkish facet.”

“When you use uncooked milk, nevertheless,” he continues, “it’s stuffed with micro organism and germs, flora that makes it alive. You may’t industrialize it on such an enormous scale. You have to have women and men watch how the milk is evolving, how the curd is evolving. In a approach, it permits you to preserve the hyperlink between the milk, the cheese, and the human with their savoir-faire.  In case you are working with uncooked milk, it means you need to give your animals good vitamin, and that they go exterior and eat recent grass.”



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