Don’t you adore it while you discover a uncommon and delightful factor?  I chanced on one lately at Christchurch’s Riverside Market – a Camembert-style sheep’s milk cheese referred to as Camembaa, made by Charing Cross Sheep Dairy.

I’m all the time on the hunt for a brand new cheese although I generally is a bit leery of Kiwi bloomy rinds aka Camembert or Brie-style cheeses. Their rinds could be robust and cardboardy, their innards rubbery and lifeless.

As quickly as I spied the rind on this one I knew I used to be in for a deal with. No cardboard in sight, it was velvety and delicate, with solely simply sufficient maintain to maintain the cheese collectively. Slicing into it my coronary heart leapt. Its paste, or centre, was shiny and multilayered. It’s because bloomy rinds age from the skin so you may see the layers because the mould transforms curd to cheese.

It is a refined and sensuous cheese my buddies. Mushy and gooey, additionally it is delicate on the tongue, with a lip-smacking end that lingers lengthy after the swallow. Good, surprising and properly value a visit to the Riverside market.

Charing Cross Sheep Dairy is owned by Man and Sue Trafford and has been spherical for a number of years in Christchurch. They make sheep’s milk feta and yoghurt in addition to this Camembert-style cheese.

PS you would possibly discover my cheeseboard. It’s made by Essential Design from recycled plastic milk bottles and was a present from a pricey buddy. x



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