September 20, 2021

Snail Caviar: An Sudden Journey in Consuming Snail Eggs

Snail what? 

Sure, you learn that appropriately. Snail eggs are a factor. They’re a scrumptious, salty, savory, and unbelievable factor. 

Snail caviar is the pearly white eggs. They arrive from two totally different species of snail which are raised on snail farms. Yup, snail farmers exist!

Are you all that shocked, although? We’re International Seafoods, in any case. Looking out the world for international delicacies which are sustainably harvested is our factor. And have we discovered one thing distinctive and wonderful for our caviar lovers and lovers. 

We’re a seafood firm, however once we discover one thing this cool, we simply cannot resist, and snail egg caviar needs to be on the record of the world’s most fun caviars. 

Caviar is the roe or eggs from reproductive animals, sometimes seafood, however at present, they arrive from a cute, slow-moving land creature, the snail. Escargo and snail typically are lumped collectively within the seafood class, and people pearly white snail caviar eggs aren’t any totally different. 

Snail eggs caviar could be totally different than fish caviar. And caviar snobs would snub our referring to them as caviar in any respect. However our purpose is to make seafood and culinary delicacies extra accessible to everybody, so pardon our ignoring of the principles whereas we talk about this wonderful meals that you simply most likely ought to plan on attempting as quickly as you possibly can. 

 Escargot and snail have been a delicacy served world wide for hundreds of years. In contrast to salmon roe, though comparable in dimension, snail caviar encompasses a distinct and distinctive earthy taste. Consider essentially the most scrumptious mushrooms you have ever tasted within the type of tiny little pearls that pop in your mouth. The snails that produce snail caviar eggs are land snails, so somewhat than tasting the ocean, you may style the forest. 

Cooks and caviar lovers world wide discover snail caviar as thrilling and delectable as many top-tier black caviars. 

What’s Snail Caviar, and the place can I discover a Snail Farm? 

First, you possibly can’t simply purchase a small tank and some snails and name your self a snail farmer. If solely it have been that straightforward. Snail farming is a centuries-old job that farmers all through Europe have perfected over generations. Actually, there are solely a handful of certified escargot farmers ALLOWED to develop dwell snails in america. 

The USDA considers edible snails an invasive species, in order that they place strict restrictions and pointers on importing and farming dwell snails in america. US-based snail farmers must create most safety jail like safe-guards round their snail enclosures to make sure these little invaders do not escape and destroy our ecosystems. 

Snail caviar is produced on snail caviar farms, primarily in France, Poland, and Austria. A snail caviar farm raises land snails to reap the roe or eggs to your enjoyment. The snail roe is hand-harvested in a meticulous and painstaking course of. The fragile course of includes sorting, cleansing, and getting ready a brine to protect the distinctive taste and texture of the pearls. 

However right here is a few excellent news about consuming white caviar snail eggs. 

A sustainable eat. 

If you purchase snail caviar, you will be comfy figuring out that you’re consuming a product produced and processed utilizing sustainable harvesting methods. In contrast to seafood roe, which is tough to reap with out killing the fish, snail caviar farmers can deliver the escargot pearls to your plate with out harming any snails. Actually, snails in captivity dwell longer than wild snails! 

Snail farming can also be a low carbon footprint enterprise. Snail and snail eggs are an environmentally pleasant meals supply! Snails graze on greens, herbs, and different herbaceous crops, however the carbon footprint of operating a snail farm is far decrease than different animals. 

How A lot is Snail Caviar? 

Earlier than we get into the nitty-gritty of the price of our snail caviar, you must know that the method for farming and harvesting snail eggs is painstakingly sophisticated and on a micro stage. 

Snail farmers increase snails to reap the eggs they lay simply as soon as per yr! The excellent news is that gathering these snail eggs does not require killing the snails! Snails can go on to put for as much as 25 extra years in captivity! Fishers are engaged on methods to sustainably harvest roe with out harming fish, however for now, the method most frequently ends in processing the whole animal. 

Snail caviar lands on an identical worth level as many top-tier caviars, averaging some years as excessive as $75/ounce however typically going even increased. However we will clarify the snail caviar value

Like we identified earlier, one snail solely produces 50 to 100 eggs per yr! The method of harvesting these snail eggs and getting ready them to your dinner desk is a fragile one. 

First, the snails should lay the eggs. Sometimes, snails lay their eggs within the soil. Then farmers collect the eggs by hand, normally utilizing tweezers. One after the other, the eggs are sorted, cleaned, and ready for his or her brine. The eggs are preserved in brine somewhat than pasteurized to take care of their taste, texture, and integrity. 

Snail farmers management each side of the snails’ setting. Farmers controls: 

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Lighting

And on prime of that, US farmers should present the USDA with assurances that their snails will not escape their enclosures and decimate native ecosystems. 

Our snail caviar on the market is available in a 30-gram tin, providing you with simply over one tablespoon of white caviar snail pearls. We all know the snail caviar worth is not for everybody, however for the snail caviar fanatic, the expertise of consuming these scrumptious and delicate pearls is priceless. 

Enjoyable Truth 

The land snails used for producing snail eggs are hermaphrodites, that means all snails have each female and male intercourse organs, and all of them produce eggs! 

Individuals have used snails all through the world, relationship again centuries. Their use ranges from high-end spa therapies utilizing snail slime to discovering escargot and snail eggs in high-end eating places. Now you possibly can take pleasure in contemporary, by no means frozen, snail caviar pearls at dwelling and impress your entire most refined dinner company.  

How Does Snail Caviar Style? 

Whereas the style of roe is pretty comparable throughout species, snail caviar eggs have a really distinct and earthy taste. Many snail farmers like to complete off their snails by grazing them on herbs reminiscent of basil and tarragon to enhance the flavour of their roe. 

Snail eggs are greatest described as tasting just like the earthy undertones of the woods mixed with the style of your favourite wild mushrooms. 

Snail caviar pearls have a easy, silky texture and generally is a bit crunchier than salmon roe. Because the eggs pop, your mouth floods with nice earthy flavors and the woodsy essence of baked mushrooms.  

Some Europeans additionally describe snail eggs as tasting like baked asparagus. The underside line is that snail eggs have a singular and earthy taste that’s price attempting! 

In France, they’ve total festivals devoted to those distinctive and scrumptious animals. Snail may sound like a brand new meals so that you can attempt, however people have been consuming snails and snail eggs way back to 12,000 years in the past! 

Snail Caviar for Sale with International Seafoods

If you order from International Seafoods, our contemporary snail caviar is brined in saltwater and packed in 30-gram tins. An unopened tin has a shelf-life of as much as three months. As soon as opened, you must devour your snail caviar inside per week, however we doubt they are going to final that lengthy.  

Methods to Serve Snail Caviar? 

 Snail caviar is a culinary development spreading all through Europe, and it is reaching the US and taking cooks and complex dwelling cooks unexpectedly. And truthfully, why would not it? For a way a lot we love the earthy taste of mushrooms, a fungus, why would not we would like that in a tiny pearl that pops in your mouth! You possibly can’t examine the sensory expertise of consuming snail eggs caviar to the rest.  

A few of our favourite methods to eat white snail caviar embrace: 

  • On toast factors
  • Served over delicate boiled eggs
  • As a garnish to your favourite dishes and even cocktails (floating in your champagne or morning Bloody Mary)
  • Served with creme fraiche 
  • Served over avocado toast
  • A garnish to your favourite sushi
  • By itself on a spoon! 

You possibly can serve just a few pearls to your dinner company as an appetizer or in between programs for a scrumptious pallet cleanser. You’ll want to test again often as our recipes could change as our cooks study extra about this unbelievable delicacy. 

Ordering Snail Caviar Pearls from International Seafoods: 

If you order from International Seafoods, your order ships expertly packed in dry ice in order that your meals arrives safely at your door. As all the time, and much more so now that we provide a contemporary on-line market, we comply with strict transport schedules to ensure your order arrives contemporary. You obtain a monitoring quantity so you possibly can observe your order all the way in which to your door. 

For extra details about our transport insurance policies, please see our transport web page. 

For extra thrilling methods to cook dinner with a number of the world’s most original and scrumptious meals, cease by our weblog and recipes part! 

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