Rookery Farm is a small, family-run farm in West Sussex who provide us with natural eggs. They care passionately about their hens’ welfare, the wildlife biodiversity on the farm and the setting as a complete is all the time on the entrance of their minds. 

At 8am each morning the hens are woken, they spend the day grazing and foraging within the natural, synthetic chemical and fertilizer-free fields, having mud baths (to maintain their feathers in good situation), or taking part in within the hen’s scratch space. 

The hen’s homes are cellular, so they’re rotated round fields to make sure that the hen’s have contemporary pasture to forage round in and to offer the land a break to make sure that it stays a wholesome setting for the hens to forage. The pastures are actively managed to extend the variety of grass and flower species to reinforce the bio variety of the farm. 

Rookery Farm and the eggs they produce produce move the very best welfare and manufacturing requirements out there. They’re licensed by the Soil Affiliation to their excessive Natural commonplace, the RSPCA, and the Laid in Britain management physique and by Defra egg inspectors. Which means the Rookery Farm hens have more room: they’ve fewer hens per home and the hens have extra outdoors vary space. 

At sundown the hens naturally migrate again to their sheds, the crew at Rookery Farm then go spherical and examine on the hens and shut the doorways to maintain them secure from predators and heat. 


What are Rookery Farm hens fed?

The hens have entry to pasture in daytime, so forage for a spread of vegetation, bugs and grubs. They’re additionally fed a balanced prime quality, GM free, natural compound feed for them within the sheds. That is comprised of a spread of natural merchandise together with wheat, maize, soya (from smaller producers in India, not U.S. or South America), peas or beans, limestone, and concentrated alfalfa.


What breeds do Rookery Farm have?

Rookery’s flock is basically Columbian Blacktails, Lohman Browns and Goldlines. We additionally inventory their Speciality Eggs that are laid by Marans, Emeralds, Russets and Dekalb Whites. They launched these breeds to their flock as they assume it is vital to make sure that these conventional breeds do not disappear, from a sustainability and genetic variety viewpoint. These speciality breeds lay stunning child blue, inexperienced, deep chocolate brown and white eggs.



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