I like flatbreads of every kind.  Most likely cuz I like finger meals and these little breads are so great for making snackable packages of finger meals!  Maybe you may have tried these specific Mandarin Pancake flatbreads earlier than whereas having Peking Duck or Moo Shu Pork: they’re used to wrap up the cooked meat and veg into yummilicious little packages earlier than consuming.  These Chinese language breads appear to be and serve comparable functions with flatbreads from different cultures, just like the chapati from India and the tortilla from Mexico, however really these Chinese language flatbreads have distinctive allure and really feel all their very own.  

And whereas historically this flatbread is used with particular Chinese language dishes just like the Peking Duck, and many others., we prefer to fashionable it up through the use of the Mandarin Pancake to wrap up absolutely anything, be it heat and saucy or cool and spicy.  The wonderful thing about these simple to make sesame scented Mandarin Pancakes 荷葉餅 is that they’re tender and versatile but sturdy sufficient to carry each meals and sauce with out leaking.  Make a little bit of stir fry and,  as an alternative of cooking up rice, simply use these flatbreads to wrap up your stir fry and there is your dinner! 

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One distinctive trait of the mandarin pancake is that two flatbreads are rolled out collectively and cooked collectively after which peeled aside into two pancakes.  The result’s that one facet is ‘dry cooked’, displaying a white blistered floor and a few browned spots whereas the opposite facet is ‘steam cooked’ leading to a  easy texture.  You possibly can see the 2 totally different textures within the picture above.  Rolling and cooking like that is additionally to permit for a thinner pancake.

BTW I would prefer to know why the heck they’re referred to as ‘pancakes’!  It is so complicated cuz, honey, these ain’t pancakes, these are flatbreads!

chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,
chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,

Flatbreads are often simply flour, water, possibly some salt and positively some bread magic.  They’re probably the most fundamental of breads.  The mandarin pancake does have one main distinction with different flatbreads in that boiling sizzling water is used.  The boiling sizzling water pre cooks the starch within the flour, making for a extra tender and tender bread.  That is the foremost distinction that we noticed with this bread, it was a lot softer and tenderer than different flatbreads that we’ve got made. 

chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,
After I make flatbreads I prefer to measure out my dough in order that I get similar dimension breads on the finish.  It is simple it you may have a meals scale.  Seize two of your  equal weight dough rounds and press to flatten.
chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,

Roll out into skinny circles.  As you may see I didn’t add any flour onto working floor.  Solely as a result of I did not must because it wasn’t sticking.  Possibly one thing to do with utilizing boiling water.  In case your dough sticks, use a little bit of flour, however attempt to not use an excessive amount of as that can stiffen the dough.

chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,
Here is the flavour secret-sesame oil!  You should definitely purchase 100% sesame oil (like this one) and never the sorts which are blended with different kinds of oil, thereby diluting the facility of sesame.  Three drops are unfold throughout one facet of one of many flatbreads.  I finally ended up utilizing my fingers to unfold it out as an alternative of the comb cuz it labored higher.  Do you know that sesame oil is de facto good on your pores and skin?  Although it does make you odor deliciously like a bakery.  Which is sweet? or dangerous?  Hah, unsure…
chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,

After sesame oil is unfold the opposite flat bread is positioned over, making a sesame oil sandwich.  Then this doubled up flat bread is rolled out to it is ultimate dimension.  Having the dough doubled means that you can roll the dough thinner than you possibly can if it was only one layer.  The ultimate thinness is as much as your desire; it may be rolled actually skinny should you like.

chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,
Flatbreads are often cooked over a range and this one shouldn’t be an exception.  I like to make use of a forged iron pan because it, as soon as heated by means of, provides off a gradual reliable warmth.  Slap the doubled up flatbread on and let prepare dinner til white blisters and a few browned sports activities seem.  Flip and repeat for the opposite facet.  

Take away and tuck mandarin pancake below a fabric.  This step is vital.  It’s each to maintain the bread heat and extra importantly to additional steam the breads a bit, thus softening them.

As soon as all of the mandarin pancakes are cooked, flip the stack over.  Beginning along with your first flatbread, peel aside every one into two flatbreads.  It ought to peel aside fairly simply.  Fold every single mandarin pancake into half and half once more, with easy facet inside, and tuck again below the warming fabric.  Your mandarin pancakes are completed, prepared and ready to wrap up some scrumptious dinner!

Tell us what you consider these beautiful flatbreads!

chinese,Mandarin Pancakes,flatbread,duck pancake,lotus pad,單餅,中式薄餅,荷葉餅,recipe,

Mandarin Pancakes Recipe 荷葉餅 

(tailored from Chinese language Snacks Wei-Chuan Prepare dinner Ebook)  

(Makes 20 pancakes)  Prep Time: 30 minutes  Prepare dinner Time: 10 minutes

1 1/2 cup all function flour, 300g

3/4 cup boiling water

1/4 cup chilly water

1 tbsp sesame oil

Add in boiling water to flour and use wooden spoon to instantly combine till totally mixed.  Will probably be crumb like.  Add chilly water and blend till the dough comes collectively.  Cowl and let relaxation for 10 minutes.  Knead dough till easy after which cowl and let relaxation for an additional 10 minutes.  

Divide dough into 20 equal items and roll into balls.  Cowl with fabric.  Take out two dough rounds.  Press on working floor to verify if dough is sticks.  If sure then sprinkle a little bit of flour.  If dough does not stick then do not sprinkle flour.  Roll out to 4 inch pancake.  Add 3 drops sesame oil to one of many mandarin pancakes and unfold throughout high facet.  Place different mandarin pancake over so sesame oil is between the 2 flatbreads after which additional roll out the flatbread to six inch diameter circle.  Repeat for all dough balls.  Place the rolled out pancakes individually as they may stick to one another if stacked and canopy with fabric. 

Slap doubled up flatbread on medium sizzling pan and let prepare dinner round 20-30 secs till backside facet turns white and browned spots seem.  Whereas cooking use fingers to twirl pancakes to assist them warmth evenly.  Flip and repeat.  Take away from warmth and place below folded kitchen towel to maintain heat and to steam.  Repeat for all pancakes.  

Uncover the stack of cooked mandarin pancakes and flip over.  Take first one cooked and peel aside into two pancakes.  Fold every pancake in half after which in half once more.  Place below fabric to maintain heat.  Repeat for all mandarin pancakes.  Your pancakes are able to wrap up some lunch-dinner!!

Retailer wrapped in fridge for two days or in freezer for a number of months.  Reheat by steaming for 30 secs from the fridge or 5 minutes from the freezer.

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