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Philodendron Paraiso Verde is very wanted due to its uncommon variegated foliage. An evergreen aroid, it would develop open air in the best circumstances, however can even thrive indoors as a houseplant. 

Philodendron Paraiso Verde is a magnificence, which could be very simple to develop and equally simple to keep up. It has a number of primary wants, together with the best mild, water, and ample humidity. Get that proper, and also you’ll have a winner of a specimen. 

What’s Philodendron Paraiso Verde?

Philodendron Paraiso Verde (Inexperienced Paradise) has elongated mild and darkish inexperienced leaves with superbly mottled variegations. It is usually often called Marina Ruy Barbosa, after a wonderful, younger Brazilian actress. 

Usually described as uncommon, it’s thought to be a collectors’ merchandise. Whereas provided on the market all around the Web, it’s typically reportedly “out of inventory” and at all times comparatively costly. 


Philodendron Paraiso Verde grows quick and, if supported, will climb. 

Historical past and Origin

First found within the 1600s, philodendron vegetation are native to the tropical areas of America and the West Indies. They’re fast-growing aroids from the Araceae household, which suggests they’re associated to monsteras, anthuriums, pothos, arrowhead vines (syngonium), and different frequent indoor vegetation. 

It’s named by Heinrich Wilhelm Schott in 1829, they thrive in tropical rainforests, swamps, and on the banks of rivers in tropical areas.  

There’s a story that the primary Philodendron Paraiso Verde was found and collected from a jungle in French Guiana by a person who owned a nursery in Brazil. 

In 2016, a plant collector, Chandra G. Hendarto, purchased a chopping from Natalino’s nursery. Quickly after it was exported to Thailand, which is the place many individuals purchase it right now. 


These philodendron vegetation are grown primarily for his or her gorgeous mottled, marble-patterned foliage. Their leaves are an identical form to the frequent heartleaf philodendron, Philodendron hederaceum, however can attain mammoth proportions as much as 5-10 inches (12-25 cm) in size.

Amazingly, the stem of the plant is smaller than its leaves.   

Whereas the variegations are wonderful, they’re totally different for each leaf and really unpredictable. For instance, there are a number of reviews of the leaves reverting to all inexperienced. 

One Fb consumer who collects aroids and different tropical vegetation, reviews that when his plant reverted to inexperienced he put it in a darkish place he doesn’t use. After some time, its variegations all got here again.  

Flower & Perfume

Don’t anticipate your Philodendron Paraiso Verde to flower in case you develop it indoors. It would flower exterior, nevertheless it’s going to take a few years earlier than it does. 

In accordance with an article on the Lewis Ginter Botanical Backyard web site, a philodendron will take 15-16 years to flower. They don’t point out Paraiso Verde particularly however say guests to the backyard, which is in Richmond, Virginia, can see philodendron flowers of their conservatory. 

There isn’t a doubt that every one philodendron flowers are just like each other. 

Philodendrons have separate feminine and male elements on one plant, they usually depend on an outdoor pollinator to breed. Within the tropics, that is often a scarab beetle. The place they’re grown exterior of their pure habitat, philodendron vegetation want human assist for pollination. 

They’re weird-looking flowers that encompass a white spadix surrounded by a inexperienced, cape-like spathe. Usually, the bloom measures 12 inches from its tip to the stem. 

Once more, in line with the Lewis Ginter Botanical Backyard web site, the perfume of those flowers is strongest at night time. It is because it creates warmth to draw pollinators at night time. 


They don’t develop very massive when grown as indoor vegetation. On common, as much as about 1 foot (30 cm) tall, however recognized to develop 1,6 toes (50 cm). The larger it will get, the extra help it’s going to wish, allowing for that it depends on different bushes for help in its pure atmosphere.  

Open air or in a really massive container on a patio or deck, it may develop as a lot as 10 toes (3 m) in a single season. 

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Care and Wants

These philodendron vegetation are very simple to take care of, so long as you take note of their primary wants. They’re additionally surprisingly simple to propagate. 

Three necessary guidelines to recollect are that they want:

  1. Water however shouldn’t turn into waterlogged
  2. Gentle however not direct daylight
  3. Humidity


Philodendron Paraiso Verde likes mild, well-aerated soil that drains effectively however stays moderately moist. If you’re potting or repotting your philodendron vegetation, select a good-quality natural potting soil. 

Combine it about 50:50 with vermiculite or perlite to make sure it drains effectively. On the similar time, you may embody some peat moss to assist hold the soil moist. 

In case you have a check package to test pH ranges, preserve a stage of 5.0-6.0, which is barely acidic. 


Philodendron Paraiso Verde appreciates being watered usually however you have to take care to not overwater your vegetation. As talked about above, it does effectively in barely moist soil. 

Don’t water except at the least the highest half of the potting soil within the container is dry. Water deeply into the soil with out wetting the leaves. You may, although, mist the leaves usually, particularly in case your climate circumstances aren’t very humid. 

If you happen to overwater your philodendron vegetation, root rot is an actual hazard. If you happen to water the leaves and never simply the soil, a bacterial fungus can type on the leaves.

Beneath-watering might outcome within the ideas of the leaves turning brown. They could additionally begin to curl. 


The pure atmosphere of philodendron vegetation is humid and shady. They do, although, like shiny oblique, even low mild. 

Keep away from putting pots in direct daylight. A typical aspect impact of intense daylight is that the plant loses its variegations. 

Temperature & Humidity

These philodendron vegetation develop in a pure atmosphere the place the temperatures vary from about 68-80 °F (20-27 °C). Usually, humidity ranges are round 60-75%. Ideally, attempt to mimic these circumstances. 

If you happen to wrestle with low humidity, a cheap plant humidifier could also be an excellent possibility. If you happen to use it together with a humidity meter it is possible for you to to regulate the humidity to fulfill the wants of your vegetation. 


They don’t want a lot fertilizer however will profit from feeding month-to-month in spring and summer season. They don’t want any further meals within the cooler months. 

The perfect fertilizer to make use of is one with a balanced ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (Okay). Simply do not forget that an excessive amount of fertilizer may end up in the leaves of the plant curling. 


Presuming your vegetation get the water, mild, and humidity they want, there’s not a lot else to do by way of plant care. 

Usually, the pot your Philodendron Paraiso Verde grows in will decide its dimension. When the roots fill the pot, you may break up it or repot in a bigger container.

If the plant will get out of hand, you may prune it. In any other case, all you have to do is tidy it now and again.

Pruning it by chopping simply above leaf nodes will encourage the plant to develop new leaves. It should additionally get bushier. 


The perfect time to repot philodendron vegetation is in early spring, initially of the rising season. It’s not important, however they do are likely to adapt extra rapidly. 

Select a brand new container that may be a little larger than the one your plant is rising in. It needs to be about 2 inches larger in diameter and will need to have first rate drainage holes.  

Put somewhat soil within the pot to type an indented saucer form. Place the plant within the hole and fill round it together with your potting soil combine. 

Push the soil down firmly to the identical depth the principle stem was within the earlier pot. Water effectively.

Tip: It’s a good suggestion to position your pot, massive or small, on some sort of tray or bigger base so the surplus water can drain out of the pot. 


Propagating Philodendron Paraiso Verde is super-easy. Take stem cuttings by slicing slightly below leaf nodes. You solely must have one or perhaps two leaves on every chopping. 

You may stick it straight into the identical kind of potting soil because the father or mother plant, or put it in water till it begins to root. If you happen to put it in plant potting soil, you may dip the tip of the stems into somewhat rooting hormone to hurry up the method. 

Both manner, it ought to solely take a few weeks for the chopping to start out rising its personal roots. Because the plant grows, ensure that it will get sufficient oblique mild, humidity, and water.  

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Pests and Ailments

The same old bugs that assault different vegetation within the Araceae household will assault Paraiso Verde in the event that they get an opportunity. They embody aphids, mealybugs, scale, and spider mites. 

However the more healthy your philodendron vegetation are, the thicker the waxy cuticle overlaying the leaves can be. And this supplies safety from pests, particularly those who suck the sap from leaves. 

If you happen to can catch bugs earlier than they unfold, you may often take away them by hand utilizing a fabric and soapy water. An everyday wipe down with neem oil additionally works wonders. 

Most different issues relate to under-or over-watering of the vegetation. 

The place ought to I place my Philodendron Paraiso Verde?

Discover a spot the place your philodendron will get plenty of shiny, oblique mild. It would look nice on a windowsill, however they don’t like drafts, so which may not work. 

Do not forget that your Philodendron Paraiso Verde is a tropical plant, and like all philodendron vegetation, it would thrive in a damp atmosphere. For that reason, a rest room or kitchen could also be an excellent place to place it. 


If you happen to like tropical vegetation, particularly aroids, Philodendron Paraiso Verde is a wonderful alternative. Uncommon, and fairly costly, it’s simple to take care of indoors and open air if it’s the proper atmosphere.

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