September 07, 2021

Consuming Sea Urchin

At first look, this darkish and spikey sea creature would possibly look extra scary than scrumptious, however sea urchin is a seafood delicacy loved all world wide. Even proper right here on the west coast of the US, now we have entry to a few of the world’s greatest sea urchin uni. Uni is the identify for the 5 vivid orange, edible, and scrumptious organs contained in the spikey sea urchin shell. Uni are the gonads of the ocean urchin, the reproductive organ chargeable for forming the sea urchin roe, in any other case often called sea urchin eggs. Sea urchin is somewhat totally different than different fish in that you do not essentially wish to eat the roe, however you wish to eat the uni earlier than they refill with eggs.  

You’ll be able to get pleasure from consuming sea urchin in many alternative methods. Most frequently, individuals worldwide need uncooked sea urchin sushi, however uni sushi is not the one method to eat uni. Many cooks combine uni into soups, sauces, and different dishes for its distinctive and salty taste and creamy texture. 

Let’s dive into this distinctive seafood and uncover all issues uni sea urchin

Talking of diving…

Diving for Sea Urchin 

Sea urchins are one of many few creatures within the ocean that divers nonetheless harvest by hand. Free divers dive to depths are far as 50 toes deep to reap sea urchins off rocks on the ocean flooring.  

The ocean urchin you eat within the US almost certainly comes from the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of California, though sea urchins are discovered all through the world’s ocean. We discover that the ocean urchin from the west coast has a way more nice taste. It is also bigger! When consuming west coast sea urchins, you continue to style the ocean, however in a pleasant umami sense. The delicate briny taste is like that of oysters or different uncooked shellfish. 

East coast sea urchins are smaller and have a a lot stronger taste. Presently, Atlantic sea urchins are shielded from harvesting after many years of overfishing. 

Sea urchins are a culinary expertise with one thing to supply every of your senses, from its vivid colour to its creamy texture and delicate ocean taste. 

A narrative of Sustainability:

Sea urchin is without doubt one of the most sustainably fished sea creatures you’ll be able to eat. The hand-harvesting approach ensures the seabed and different habitats stay undisturbed, and there’s just about no unintended bycatch when divers lower sea urchins from their rocky underwater houses. 

In Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea, girls prepare to turn out to be sea urchin divers. These girls, referred to as Haenyeo, dive and maintain their breath for lengthy intervals to reap sea urchins and different seafood delicacies. These girls can help their households from the cash they earn diving for sea urchins. Haenyeo girls have handed on the diving custom for hundreds of years. Moms, daughters, and grandmothers dive to treacherous depths to enhance the financial system of their villages. 

For such an unsuspecting-looking sea creature, they certain do present meals and livelihood for many individuals. 

An invasive species? 

 In elements of the world, sea urchins are an invasive species. So, what does that imply? Invasive species are animals that aren’t pure to the habitat they’ve moved to. They will do extra hurt than good to the world’s oceans. 

So, what’s it that the ocean urchins are doing? 

Sea urchins eat kelp and different seaweed as their main meals supply. Kelp is an underwater plant that captures and shops CO2. Mature sea urchins have only a few predators due to their exhausting spiky shells. Solely people and the occasional sea otter enterprise to the rocky ocean flooring to feast on sea urchins. Too many sea urchins imply much less and fewer kelp on the ocean flooring.  

Fortunately for us, kelp recovers shortly, and sea urchins aren’t an endangered species. A wholesome steadiness of sea urchin harvesting can shield the ocean’s kelp, which is best for the ocean surroundings! 

So, you’ll be able to be ok with shopping for and consuming sea urchins on the market! You are doing the oceans a favor! 

What Does Sea Urchin Style Like? 

If you happen to’ve by no means tried sushi uni earlier than, however you like oysters and different uncooked seafood, you are in for an actual shock whenever you style the pure sweetness and saltiness of uni meals. 

Uni sushi has a gentle taste, smooth custard-like texture, and pure sweetness like oysters or scallops. Sushi sea urchin is uncooked urchin uni. You’ll be able to get pleasure from this delicacy by itself, in sushi, or over pasta for a pleasant punch of ocean taste.

Many divers get pleasure from uni proper out of the ocean after cleansing off all of the sand. In any other case, divers harvest the uni and retailer them in saltwater to protect the recent style and texture. 

The distinctive texture of sea urchin uni adjustments relying on the season. One of the best time to reap sushi sea urchin is earlier than the uni has stuffed with eggs or roe. As soon as the urchins have matured and developed their eggs, the uni turns into hardened, making the feel much less nice. One of the best time to get pleasure from uni is from March to November. 

So, now that you just’re excited to strive sushi uni, how do you put together it? 

Eat Sea Urchin Uni

Consuming sea urchin is as straightforward or complicated as you wish to make it. Sea urchin is saved in saltwater to protect its freshness, taste, and texture. 

You’ll be able to eat uni proper out of the field. Consuming uni by itself provides you a mouthful of salty ocean custard. 

Creamy, buttery, somewhat bit briny are some ways in which individuals describe sea urchin uni. An ocean cream is one other. 

The most effective methods to get pleasure from uni is uncooked, however should you’re hesitant to leap proper in with uni, listed below are just a few methods you’ll be able to strive it first. 

  • Unfold on buttered toast
  • Over your favourite pasta dish. (Uni is incredible over squid ink pasta!) 
  • Served over rice
  • Dipped in a combination of soy sauce and wasabi. 
  • Served over medium-rare steak (Uni butter!) 
  • Uni and Wagyu beef sushi

Listed here are just a few of our favourite methods to organize uni: 

“Butter of the ocean” 


  • Contemporary uni sea urchin
  • 1 cup of sushi rice ready
  • Nori seaweed paper (lower into small rectangles.)
  • Wasabi
  • Soy sauce


Make mini handrolls

  1. Take your nori paper and place a few tablespoon of sushi rice within the center. 
  2. Take a small piece of uni and put it on high of the rice
  3. Wrap the nori across the rice and the uni.  
  4. Dip it in your combination of soy sauce and wasabi for the proper chew! 

*Add some Ikura salmon roe for an additional pop! * 

Uni Ponzu Shot: 



  • Small glass or shot glass
  • Two items of recent uni
  • One qual egg yolk
  • 1/2 tablespoon of ponzu sauce
  • Splash of siracha


  1. Gently place the above substances into your shot glass and luxuriate in!

This recipe combines the creamy, buttery texture of the uni with the quail egg and spicy siracha for a creamy taste explosion. 

Uni Over Crispy Potatoes: 


  • Contemporary uni sea urchin
  • 4 cups of mini tri-color potatoes
  • 1/4 cup of mayonnaise 
  • Salt and pepper to style 


  1. Coat the potatoes within the mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper
  2. Bake the potatoes in a 400-degree oven till they’re golden brown. 
  3. Lay a skinny layer of mayo in your serving plate. 
  4. Lay down your crispy potatoes whereas nonetheless scorching. 
  5. Place just a few items of sea urchin over the potatoes and luxuriate in! 

Sushi Uni Worth: 

The value tag for sushi uni tends to be increased than different sorts of seafood due to the labor-intensive methodology used to reap uni. Freediving remains to be the first methodology to reap sea urchins from the ocean flooring. Freediving takes specialised coaching, numerous time, and energy. 

So, the following time you order recent uni sushi, thank a free diver for bringing this distinctive meals expertise to your desk. 

Ordering Uni Sea Urchin from International Seafoods: 

One of many issues we hear so much from individuals who love sea urchin sushi is that it is exhausting to seek out, and eating places do not all the time carry it. Properly, fear no extra. Contemporary uni sea urchin is now accessible by International Seafoods on-line recent fish market. 

We obtain our uni on Wednesdays, and we in a single day your order for Thursday deliveries. While you place your International Seafoods order, we will provide you with a separate order quantity and delivery quantity on your uni sea urchin. So, should you order on a Friday, your Uni will ship the next Wednesday. We should persist with a strict delivery timeline to make sure you all the time get the best high quality and freshest uni at your door. 

So, simply keep in mind whenever you place your subsequent International Seafoods Order, your Uni will all the time arrive on a Thursday. 

For extra details about ordering and delivery, try of delivery info web page. 


Attempt Uni Sea Urchin Immediately! 

“Sea Butter,” “Ocean Cream,” “Ocean Custard” are just some of the methods our prospects describe the expertise of consuming sea urchin. There are such a lot of artistic methods you’ll be able to incorporate this scrumptious and sustainable seafood into your recipes. Do not wait to get your fingers on some incredible sushi-grade sea urchin uni. Order some at the moment! 

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