The distinctive delicate taste of this Spanish persimmon merely blew us out of the water!  Although pricier than the common persimmon we took an opportunity and now would gladly pay the additional.  Having truly found it final 12 months, we have now been ready eagerly all 12 months for the Spanish persimmon season to start out once more!  (


Rojo Brillante persimmon

Here is the place you are in all probability saying “However wait a minute, I’ve had persimmon earlier than…”  Properly, sure, you in all probability have.  And so have I.  However what I did not know earlier than being impressed by this Spanish persimmon and subsequently doing a variety of analysis into the persimmon is that the world of persimmons, although undoubtedly scrumptious and fruitily attractive in addition, is huge (400+ sorts of persimmons on the market!) and really fairly complicated.  That is my third draft of this put up as I’ve slowly untangled the story of the persimmon!

Hachiya persimmon, astringent sort, watercolor by Amanda A. Newton, 1887
Okay, of us say there are 2 kinds of persimmons, however truly there at the moment are 3 varieties.  The primary two broad kinds of persimmon are varieties dictated by nature: the astringent sort and the non-astringent sort.  For the astringent sort of persimmon you should wait till the fruit is ripe and comfortable earlier than consuming.  A great generally discovered instance of an astringent sort persimmon is the Hachiya persimmon (see watercolor above).  

Another kinds of astringent persimmons are Eureka, Honan Purple, Saijo, Tamopan, Tanenashi, Triumph, Chocolate (seedless), Gailey (seedless), Hyakume (seedless), Maru (seedless) and Nishimura Wase (seedless).

For the non-astringent sort the fruit could be eaten as soon as the fruit is totally coloured, that means that you may eat the persimmon when the flesh continues to be agency.  Which is gorgeous as the feel of a agency persimmon is sort of a cross between the feel of an apple and a peach.  A great and generally discovered instance of the non-astringent sort of persimmon is the Fuyu persimmon (see photograph above).  

Another examples of non-astringent persimmons are Gosho, Imoto, Izu, Jiro, Maekawajiro, Okugosho, Suruga, Chocolate, Gailey, Hyakume, Maru and Nishimura Wase.

Persimmon tree in Wanju county, South Korea, photograph by Shamus7792003

So what is the third sort?  The third sort is a, you guessed it, man-assisted sort of persimmon the place astringent persimmons are handled by exposing them to air enriched with C02 whereupon they develop into like non-astringent persimmons in that they are often eaten when agency.  I believe that the large plus right here is that astringent persimmons usually are usually a lot sweeter than non astringent.  Add that blast of additional sweetness to a agency tender flesh and you have got a winner persimmon with the perfect points of each unique varieties.

Complicated, amirite?  Very…thus all my rewrites ;(  

Spanish Persimmon, persimmon, rojo brillante, fruit, Ribera del Xuquer
Rojo Brillante persimmon, sliced

However to chop by means of all that, the purpose of this put up is to rave about these Spanish persimmons that we found, these oh so beautiful ‘Rojo Brillante’.  These are the third sort, the astringent sort of persimmons which were handled with C02 in order that they are often eaten at full sweetness however with a agency tender flesh.  The pores and skin could be eaten a lot because the apple pores and skin is eaten (or peeled in the event you like) however is extra tender compared.  There are not any seeds.  The Rojo Brillante is agency sufficient that it may be sliced and diced and added to salads and such.  For greatest taste permit them to melt only a bit and, like with apples, watch out of bruising them.  The flesh of the Spanish persimmon is tender, distinctive, delicately candy and alluring with taste notes of mango, pear, peach and apricot.  I fell deeply in love on the first fruity chew.  A queen amongst persimmons, in the event you ask me.

Apart from the ‘Rojo Brillante’  there’s one other sort 3 persimmon, the ‘Sharon’ from Israel.  Apparently it’s even sweeter than the ‘Rojo Brillante’.  Hope to attempt it at some point.

Spanish Persimmon, persimmon, rojo brillante, fruit, Ribera del Xuquer

Right here is a photograph of the conventional astringent sort of persimmon with no remedy, which is pictured above.  For us, this was the one sort of persimmon that we had beforehand skilled earlier than.  Any such persimmon have to be allowed to develop into fully comfortable earlier than consuming in any other case it will possibly style fairly disagreeable.  Be aware the distinction within the flesh of the fruit, the just about jelly like nature of it.  As soon as comfortable the jelly like inside of those astringent persimmons could be very candy and a decadent sticky pleasure to eat in addition to essentially the most vibrant beautiful orange colour.  Undecided what the identify of this explicit persimmon is.  There was no data on the background, sadly typical for HK markets.

As for non astringent persimmons, it seems that we have now by no means tried any of these and I hope to come back throughout some quickly for a style.

Because it’s persimmon season now and persimmon’s are my little lady’s favourite fruit for the time being we have been consuming a variety of the astringent sort persimmons.  They are much simpler to search out available in the market and priced a lot decrease in comparison with the Rojo Brillante.  However my coronary heart is secretly given to the ‘Rojo Brillante’.



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