Bought quite a lot of tomatoes coming in out of your backyard and questioning how you can maintain them from spoiling? I’ve acquired you lined on this submit about The best way to Freeze Tomatoes–with the whole lot you might want to know.

Dwelling grown tomatoes are delicious–there’s nothing like them. However when you could have too a lot of them directly, you it may develop into an issue. Freezing tomatoes is a surprisingly tremendous simple approach to protect your tomato harvest for months on finish.

One summer time I acquired a boatload of actually ripe tomatoes (at the least 20 kilos) from our CSA and properly, quite a lot of them wanted to be processed shortly or we had been going to lose them to the compost pile. I am not one to waste meals, however I am additionally tremendous busy, so I wanted to determine one thing out, and quick

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Canning is a good way to retailer up tomatoes, nevertheless it’s time consuming and heats up the kitchen–and would you consider I’ve by no means finished it alone?)

That week, we ate some (make that tons) of tomatoes uncooked, made home made sun-dried tomatoes, and a few of my simple marinara sauce and likewise what I contemplate to be the finest salsa, however there have been nonetheless MORE tomatoes left! I wanted assist! So I discovered how you can freeze tomaoes and now I am sharing this wonderful info with you!

Methods to Freeze Tomatoes

Whereas there are many posts on the web speaking about how you can freeze entire tomatoes, there are fairly a number of that focus solely on how you can freeze tomatoes entire.

Whereas that is an excellent thought, you may not have room in your freezer to try this, so listed below are another methods to freeze your tomato harvest.

  • You possibly can freeze them entire, sliced, chopped, diced, crushed and even blended
  • You possibly can freeze them with or with out the skins

What Type of Tomato Is Finest for Freezing?

Whilst you technically can freeze any form of tomato, sure sorts work higher than others.

Beefsteak and different slicing tomatoes have a better water content material, so they will not freeze / thaw as properly. You are able to do it, however the end result will not be pretty much as good.

Roma and Cherry Tomatoes (sure, you possibly can freeze cherry tomatoes), alternatively, are the most effective sorts to freeze–they even will slice pretty properly after thawing and whereas they will not have the identical actual texture as recent tomatoes, they will technically be utilized in chilly salads and even on sandwiches.

No matter tomato kind you select, make it possible for your tomatoes are ripe for finest outcomes.

What Tools Do You Have to Freeze Tomatoes? 

That is what you may want to be able to freeze tomatoes.

  • Quarter or bigger dimension freezer luggagefreezer containers, or mason jars (when you actually wish to keep away from plastic). I additionally like luggage equivalent to this sort. I like sealing them with Twixit Clips–my go-to clips for the whole lot in my home!!).
  • A baking sheet or different agency floor (if flash freezing first)
  • Reducing board or meals processor (if freezing blended tomatoes)
  • Vacuum Sealer or Straw (aka poor man’s vacuum sealer) (optionally available however really helpful)
  • Ice Dice Trays (optionally available, however an excellent possibility for making frozen tomato cubes)

How To Wash Tomatoes

To scrub tomatoes, merely run them underneath cool operating water and rub the floor. Then, use a paper towel to dry them fully. Utilizing a mild and secure produce wash is a good suggestion as properly.

Necessary Observe: It isn’t really helpful to clean tomatoes by inserting them in a sink filled with water. The lower space close to the stem can take in contaminated water. For this similar purpose, you do not wish to use any kind of non pure cleaner for laundry since which may enter the stem space as properly.

The best way to Wash Pesticides Off Tomatoes

Washing your fruits and greens underneath operating water is an effective first step, however to get them actually clear and take away pesticides, it is nice to do greater than that if not utilizing natural tomatoes.

  • Add baking soda to water in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of soda to each two cups of water.
  • Soak the tomatoes within the resolution for quarter-hour.
  • Rinse properly and dry. 

Baking soda has been confirmed to take away pesticides from apples (supply) and so it is thought that it ought to work for many or all produce.

Can You Freeze Tomatoes With out Blanching Them?

Sure, you positively can freeze tomatoes with out blanching. Actually, you do not even have to core them.

The purpose of blanching tomatoes is to take away the skins. Nonetheless, as you may see within the subsequent part, thawing frozen tomatoes underneath water makes the pores and skin slip proper off, so blanching is pointless.

Do You Have to Peel Tomatoes Earlier than Freezing Them?

I personally depart tomato skins whether or not I am cooking or freezing them, since there’s a lot diet in them. Nonetheless, some individuals prefer to peel tomatoes earlier than cooking with them for the reason that peel has a distinct texture than the remainder of the tomato and typically is usually a tad bitter.

When you’d favor to peel your tomatoes, listed below are the best ways in which I love to do it.

  • Best Approach: The best manner, nonetheless, to take away tomato peels is this–freeze tomatoes entire after which merely run them underneath chilly water whenever you take them out of the freezer–the pores and skin will come proper off.
  • Take away Peels by “fishing them out.” When utilizing frozen tomatoes in a dish, the peels will come off within the dish you place them quickly after you add them. Offered the frozen items aren’t that enormous, you possibly can merely fish out the items of peel from the dish both earlier than or after cooking.

Observe that if you wish to freeze sliced, cubed, or diced tomatoes with out the peels, you’ll need to blanch first.

The best way to Freeze Tomatoes

You possibly can freeze tomatoes a number of ways–entire, sliced, chopped, diced, and even processed or fully blended.

It is true–believe it or not, you possibly can freeze tomatoes entire. It is the best approach to do it–no chopping or slicing wanted, however entire tomatoes will take up probably the most room within the freezer.

Merely do no matter technique works finest based mostly in your time and house out there.

Regardless of which manner you select to freeze plain (unprocessed) tomatoes, the instructions are principally the identical.

frozen sliced tomatoes on cutting board

The best way to Freeze Entire, Sliced, Chopped or Diced Tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes this fashion could be finished with minimal tools and you may

  • Begin with ripe tomatoes, as blemish-free as potential.
  • Take away the stem and any dangerous spots.
  • Wash the tomatoes and dry fully.
  • If not freezing entire tomatoes, slice, chop, or cube the tomatoes into uniform sizes.
  • Place the entire tomatoes (or slices or items) in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment.
  • Place within the freezer to flash freeze till principally frozen–about 2-4 hours, relying on the scale.
  • Take away from freezer and retailer in a freezer container, freezer bag, or jar, ensuring to go away at the least 1 inch of air house if utilizing a jar.
  • If utilizing freezer luggage, take away as a lot air as potential utilizing a vacuum sealer or a “straw vacuum sealer’ (see recipe card for particulars).

Observe: There are some that declare that flash freezing earlier than storing causes freezer burn, however that is not correct. It is the ultimate packing of the frozen meals and the kind of freezer that outcomes makes the distinction.

frozen chopped tomatoes on cutting board

The best way to Freeze Processed (Crushed or Blended) Tomatoes

For this technique, as an alternative of flash freezing, you course of the tomatoes and put them in usable-sized containers, like ice dice trays or small freezer luggage. I additionally love this technique for freezing tomatoes since there is no slicing or chopping concerned. Merely mix and freeze.

  • Begin with ripe tomatoes, as blemish-free as potential.
  • Take away the stem and any dangerous spots.
  • Wash the tomatoes and dry fully.
  • Course of the tomatoes in a meals processor or blender to make both crushed tomatoes or an entire “tomato juice”
  • Both pour the crushed tomatoes or juice into ice dice trays or place a recipe-convenient quantity into containers, once more remembering to go away at the least 1 inch of air house above the tomatoes. Observe that 3 1/2 cups is equal to a 28 oz. can of tomatoes.
  • If utilizing ice dice trays, after freezing, place the cubes right into a freezer bag, eradicating the surplus air with both a vacuum sealer or the straw vacuum sealer technique.

What Is the Straw Vacuum Sealer Methodology?

Haven’t got a vacuum sealer? By no means concern!

All you want is a freezer bag and a straw to create fairly good vacuum freezer storage on a budget.

You merely:

  • Fill your freezer bag together with your frozen tomatoes
  • Flatten the bag on the counter.
  • Insert a straw midway into the bag.
  • Zip the bag shut as a lot as potential whereas forcing as a lot air out of the bag as potential.
  • Suck the remaining air out of the bag till the bag shrinks across the tomatoes.
  • Rapidly take away the straw from the bag and seal the bag.

Voila! You’ve got sealed your tomatoes with out including to your kitchen gadget assortment.

How Lengthy Are Frozen Tomatoes Good For?

How lengthy any meals retains properly within the freezer relies on what kind of freezer and the strategy used for freezing.  A deep freeze is best than an upright however hermetic freezing is crucial for higher long run storage.

On the whole, frozen tomatoes ought to final for 6-12 months, however will final at the least 2-3 years in hermetic storage.

The best way to Thaw Frozen Tomatoes

To defrost frozen tomatoes, both permit them to thaw in a single day within the fridge, at room temperature for about an hour, or underneath heat water.

Top-of-the-line issues about frozen tomatoes is how simple they’re to peel! As soon as they’re defrosted, the skins ought to slip proper off.

The best way to Use Frozen Tomatoes

As talked about above, how you utilize frozen tomatoes will depend upon the kind you freeze. Frozen and thawed cherry and Roma tomatoes could be sliced and used just about like recent tomatoes.

Bigger tomatoes needs to be utilized in recipes that decision for stewed or diced tomatoes like spaghetti sauce, soups and stews, and so on.

You will LOVE how frozen tomatoes style mainly equivalent to canned tomatoes–and no want to fret about what cans are made out of!

Listed here are some recipes that might work nice for any form of frozen tomato:

Extra Methods to Protect Produce

Preserving your harvest abundance is a good way to have nutritious meals 12 months spherical. Listed here are some nice methods to try this!


The best way to Freeze Tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes is a good way to protect your backyard bounty in your enjoyment all 12 months spherical!



  • 12 medium tomatoes (roughly for 1 gallon-sized freezer bag)


  • Wash and dry the tomatoes.

  • Take away the stem and core (if desired).

  • Reduce tomatoes into fourths (or smaller), slice, or chop (if desired).

  • Place on a baking sheet (or different agency floor), pores and skin facet down (if relevant).

  • Freeze for at the least one hour.

  • Place tomatoes in freezer luggage in a single layer, taking care to not overstuff the baggage. (See notes for different container choices.)

  • Take away air utilizing a vacuum sealer or the straw technique.

  • STRAW VACUUM SEALER METHOD: After filling your freezer bag together with your frozen tomatoes, flatten the bag on the counter. insert a straw midway into the bag. Zip the bag shut as a lot as potential whereas forcing as a lot air out of the bag as potential. Suck the remaining air out of the bag till the bag shrinks across the tomatoes. Rapidly take away the straw from the bag and seal the bag.

  • Retailer the baggage flat on prime of one another within the freezer.


Sliced, chopped, and diced tomatoes will take up quite a bit much less room in your freezer than entire tomatoes will. Nonetheless, you too can mix your tomatoes after which freeze them in ice dice trays, storing them in freezer luggage after they’re frozen.
Container Choices: You should utilize different containers to retailer the tomatoes as soon as frozen, however the luggage are the best for compact storage and likewise for ease of eradicating extra air to stop freezer burn.

Observe: This submit was republished in October of 2021 with new pictures and an entire lot of latest info. Following is without doubt one of the unique pictures for reference.

The Easiest Way to Preserve Tomatoes



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