Gnats are the bane of my existence. They invade my dwelling at the very least annually it’s as a result of I left an overripe banana on the backside of the fruit bowl, didn’t clear out the rubbish disposal effectively sufficient, and even simply introduced dwelling a brand new plant that had them hiding within the soil. Then I am compelled to spend the subsequent few weeks attempting to banish them from each nook and cranny of my dwelling.

Within the grand scheme of issues, gnats are innocent—widespread fruit flies and fungus gnats don’t chunk (although some varieties do), however they at all times appear to be hovering in your face or flying round your meals. Should you’re sick of seeing these little bugs throughout your private home, listed here are some tried-and-true strategies to do away with them, in addition to methods you possibly can forestall them from coming again.

There are just a few forms of small flies and gnats generally present in properties, and each is interested in various things. If you determine which type are plaguing your private home, you’ll be capable to do away with them extra effectively.

First, there are fruit flies, that are interested in overripe or rotting fruit and veggies, in order that they’re normally hovering round fruit bowls. Additionally they like smelly trash bins and rubbish disposals, and open bottles of alcohol. These little brown bugs are extra widespread in the summertime, however you may see them throughout the chilly months, too.

Subsequent up are fungus gnats, which I’ve personally battled many occasions as a houseplant lover. These obnoxious little flies lay their eggs in moist soil, they usually’re generally present in nurseries, that means you possibly can simply carry them dwelling with out figuring out. These gnats are black and tinged with silver, and also you’ll sometimes see them hanging out on the soil of your vegetation or across the rim of planters. Should you give your plant slightly shake, they will begin flying out from across the plant.

Lastly, there are drain flies, and as their title suggests, these bugs stay in drains, sewers, and septic tanks—anyplace you may discover stagnant water, as that’s the place they lay their eggs. They’ve bigger wings than the opposite two forms of gnats, and their our bodies are furry, much like a moth.

It’s not too onerous to do away with gnats, however the tough half is protecting them from coming again—all it takes is one overripe apple for them to make themselves at dwelling once more. Basically, the cleaner you retain your private home, the much less seemingly you’re to have gnats. This implies storing meals in sealed containers and eliminating overripe produce. You’ll additionally wish to put money into a tightly coated trash can, and clear out your sink, drains, and rubbish disposal frequently.

For fungus gnats specifically, letting your vegetation dry out in between waterings can assist to stop the bugs from laying eggs. Some folks additionally suggest sprinkling a layer of diatomaceous earth on prime of soil to kill them.

Should you’re actually critical about making your private home a no-gnat zone, you might also wish to seal cracks and crevices round your doorways and home windows, restore any ripped window screens, and patch any cracks in your house’s foundations.

You probably have a gnat infestation and do not have the time or luxurious of prevention, there are a number of methods you possibly can get rid of these flying nuisances—lots of which contain easy pantry components. In fact, you’ll additionally wish to work out what attracted them within the first place and do away with their supply of meals to cease them from reproducing.

1. The Traditional Apple Cider Vinegar Entice

Apple cider vinegar’s candy scent is interesting to gnats, so you need to use it to make a simple lure—a literal thirst lure, if you’ll. Pour just a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar right into a bowl or jar, then stir in just a few drops of dish cleaning soap. The bugs shall be interested in the candy scent, and the sticky cleaning soap will forestall them from with the ability to fly away. Some folks additionally like to combine in slightly sugar, as effectively, to essentially amp up the sweetness.

2. Lure Them With Ripe Produce

Should you’re coping with fruit flies, you need to use their favourite snack towards them. Place a bit of overripe produce, like an apple slice or mashed banana, in a bowl and canopy it with a plastic wrap. Poke just a few small holes within the plastic, and as soon as the flies crawl inside, they gained’t be capable to get again out.

3. Put Empty Wine Bottles to Good Use

The following time you end a bottle of pink wine, go away it on the counter with dregs within the backside to assist lure gnats. They’ll crawl inside as a result of they’re interested in the scent and gained’t be capable to get again out. Some folks additionally like to combine in just a few drops of dish cleaning soap, however I’ve discovered the alcohol works fairly effectively by itself.

4. Flush Drains with Bleach

If fruit or drain flies are hanging out in your pipes, you need to use a diluted bleach resolution to kill them and any eggs. Combine ½ cup bleach with a gallon of water, then fastidiously pour it down the drain. Flush with loads of sizzling water, and repeat as essential.

5. When in Doubt, Use Sticky Traps

When I’ve a very unhealthy fungus gnat infestation round my vegetation, I flip to sticky traps to seize the handfuls of bugs flying round. Gnats will get caught to the yellow sticker—simply be ready to be grossed out by what number of you catch.

What are your greatest strategies for protecting bugs at bay? Inform us beneath!

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