Working with corporations and serving to them obtain and preserve meals security compliance, our staff at FoodDocs has encountered many alternative “interpretations” of how probably the most well-known meals security program is spelled (and pronounced). We get it, Hazard Evaluation Vital Management Level is not the simplest to recollect.

That’s why the meals trade got here up with a shorter time period,  HACCP. Though, the acronym nonetheless doesn’t stick with folks that a lot. When you concentrate on it, the time period can actually be complicated. How would anybody new to the meals trade know that there are two C’s hiding in between these letters

We’ve rounded up a few of the most typical (and hilarious) takes on how HACCP plan has been misspelled. We’ve categorized our listing to UNDERSTANDABLE, FORGIVABLE, and JUST NO to indicate how these misspelled phrases to rank.


*Earlier than we provide you with this listing, we wish to notice that this text is only for enjoyable. We perceive how exhausting it’s to memorize the entire that means, not to mention the acronym, of HACCP. We’d additionally prefer to thank everybody who contributed to this listing. Due to you, our staff had a very good chuckle.

Right here we go!




Okay, okay. Not too dangerous. Only one letter off the right acronym. For those who have a look at your keyboard, you’ll perceive how this one got here up. (Go forward, have a look).


This one can increase a number of questions. The letter A is a bit removed from C in your keyboard. At this level, you’ll begin asking whether or not you actually know the that means of HACCP? Is it Hazard Evaluation and Vital – nope it’s important to have two C’s in there – see subsequent…


With this time period, issues begin to get a bit blurrier. Is HACCP actually appropriate? Shouldn’t it’s HAACCP? What’s the that means of HAACCP? Is it even actual or did the Illuminati make it up? Is it Hazard Evaluation And Vital Management Level? 




Hazard Vital Evaluation and Prevention? We don’t know the precise origins of this acronym however it positive does sound one thing you’d use in your meals enterprise. So, we are saying forgivable.


Initially, we are able to’t blame individuals who spell this system like this. They know that the HACCP program is complicated sufficient to place two “S” on the acronym and the best way some folks name it’s “HASSAP.” Perhaps we had been mistaken all alongside? At this level, we wouldn’t be shocked if somebody spelled it as HASSIP.


Now, issues are getting a bit bizarre. What would “U” imply? Perceive? Below? Umbrella? We will’t consider any motive why would that letter be there.


Earlier than we get into the final half, we simply need to make clear that these phrases actually handed by our screens at one level in our service at FoodDocs. That implies that somebody actually stated them. That being stated, nobody ready us for the final two phrases we noticed. 


Simply, no


If we may, we’d like to speak to the one that got here up with this time period as a result of we’re unsure if they’re searching for a meals security program or a health care provider. We may also help you with stuff about meals security, however to treatment a hiccup, right here’s a hyperlink to that.


FoodDocs Consultant: I… we… Why? *Cries in 24 completely different languages whereas serving to the shopper out*


funny salad


There positive are lots of phrases that out of the blue come up from this matter. Some are comprehensible, whereas some may actually make you query the that means of life. For those who’re unsure find out how to spell or not to mention do a HACCP plan, FoodDocs is right here for you. We provide an inventory of probably the most informative studying supplies from our meals weblog. If you wish to arrange your digital HACCP plan within the quickest manner potential (in simply 1 hour!), we’re the staff for you. Discover ways to spell and the actual that means of HACCP with us and get HACCP compliant in simply 1 hour.

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