Right here’s a tasty and uniquely lavender-colored sourdough bread that mixes fresh-milled landrace wheat and corn. White Sonora is a comfortable winter wheat from Ramona American Indian Farms in Arizona and Heirloom Blue Bolita is a corn selection from the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico, and each are crops tailored to their rising circumstances over many centuries. Heirloom Blue Mushito corn from the Michoacán area within the Western a part of Mexico and Heirloom Blue Cónico corn from the highlands northwest of Mexico Metropolis can even work nicely to supply this lovely coloration and scrumptious corn flavors.

20% Blue Bolita, 20% White Sonora, 40% Bread Flour

For the colour and taste of the corn to face out, I used a considerable amount of it and paired it with the comfortable taste of white sonora wheat. I added bread flour to the equation as a result of corn flour is gluten free and I wished some loft and to bake it as a freestanding artisan-style loaf. You may, in fact, bake this dough in a loaf pan and/or substitute extra white sonora wheat or a special entire grain wheat flour for the bread flour. If you happen to make a 100% entire grain dough, the crumb will likely be slightly tighter and also you’ll possible want 10-30 grams extra water.

Toasted fragrant slice of blue corn and white sonora wheat bread

I milled the corn twice — first coarse, then fantastic — and to make this entire grain corn flour as amenable as attainable to gluten improvement within the last dough, I soaked it in boiling sizzling water. If you happen to’re utilizing pre-ground corn flour, you could want much less water to hydrate it. Drop the boiling water quantity by 20 grams or so.

Hydrating the corn flour to melt the colourful pericarp or corn “bran”

Whereas the corn porridge cools, you possibly can mill the white sonora wheat and blend it with the bread flour, starter, salt, and extra water for a brief autolyse.

White sonora wheat within the hopper of a Mockmill

Add the corn porridge to the dough as soon as it has cooled to beneath 115F. It will lead to vital weakening of the dough’s gluten. If you happen to switch the dough to a calmly oiled bowl or bucket, it is best to be capable to stretch and fold it a few occasions, though it can stay pretty sticky.

Within the video after the recipe, you possibly can see how a lot flour I used to tame the dough whereas shaping it. I gently de-gassed it and let it re-aerate in the course of the last proof relatively than attempt to protect the bubbles from the majority fermentation.

Shaping this Wheat and Corn Dough

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