Have you ever ever seen a bean with wings?  Or wings with a bean?  No?  Nicely then, I’m more than happy to introduce you to the fabulous Winged Bean 翼豆!  We found these unusual beans within the moist market the opposite day.  So humorous wanting with 4 little wing like corners on every bean. By no means seen them earlier than however the vegetable woman assured us that they have been fairly scrumptious.  Excited as all the time to strive a brand new veggie, we scooped up a bag full to take house.  True to the vegetable woman’s recommendation a really merely ready Winged Bean Stir Fry was scrumptious: kissed with aromatic garlic, these stir fried beans have been tender but nonetheless frivolously crunch with a candy gentle taste harking back to inexperienced peas and snow peas.

Winged Bean, Garlic, Stir Fry, Chinese, recipe,  stir fry, 蒜蓉, 炒翼豆

The winged bean itself is so attention-grabbing.  A 4 dimensional bean in that it has 4 clearly outlined corners!  Inside the middle of all of the corners is the tiny bean.  An odd and exquisite bean.

Flora Filipinas by Francisco Manuel Blanco, between 1880-1883

The winged bean is often known as cigarillas, goa bean, four-angled bean, four-cornered bean, manila bean, princess bean, asparagus bean and dragon bean.  So many names!  I feel that’s as a result of this plant is cultivated in so many alternative locations.  Do you know that this little bean with wings is taken into account one thing of a brilliant meals?  All its elements from flowers to leaves to pod to root and seeds could be eaten and it’s a digital grocery store of goodness offering a wealthy supply of protein, nutritional vitamins and minerals multi function go.

Winged Bean, Garlic, Stir Fry, Chinese, recipe,  stir fry, 蒜蓉, 炒翼豆

Following our veggie woman’s suggestion we ready some freshly minced garlic.  It is a marvel what the easy addition of garlic can do for a dish.  Workforce Garlic, rating!!

Winged Bean, Garlic, Stir Fry, Chinese, recipe,  stir fry, 蒜蓉, 炒翼豆

The prep for the winged bean is tremendous easy.  Wash.  Snap of the stem.  Slice to dimension desired, on this case we sliced every bean into thirds for the stir fry.  Able to stir fry!

By the best way these winged beans are yummy uncooked as nicely.  Slice em up skinny and toss in a salad for some crunchy goodness.

Winged Bean, Garlic, Stir Fry, Chinese, recipe,  stir fry, 蒜蓉, 炒翼豆

A proof right here.  As a result of we have been taking pictures.  And since stir fries are supposed to be furiously quick and fabulous creations.  And since my 老公 likes his warmth tremendous scorching.  These info all collided and resulted in barely over browned minced garlic.  Within the recipe we clarify a barely totally different, much less furiously paced strategy to assist keep away from these conditions.

Easy and scrumptious.  And tremendous good for you in every kind of the way.  That is completely my sort of veg!

Winged Bean, Garlic, Stir Fry, Chinese, recipe,  stir fry, 蒜蓉, 炒翼豆

Winged Bean Garlic Stir Fry Recipe 蒜蓉炒翼豆

Prep time: 3 minutes  Cook dinner time: 2 minutes

15 winged beans 翼豆

6 garlic cloves

1/2 tsp salt or extra to style

3 tbsp oil

1 tsp cornstarch

1 tbsp water

Wash winged beans.  Pluck off stem, then slice the beans into thirds.  Peel garlic.  Reserve one garlic clove and mince the remainder.  Smash the reserved garlic clove with the aspect of your knife. (Or typically I exploit the top of my rolling pin, that works nicely.)

Combine cornstarch and water in small bowl.

Warmth wok over excessive warmth.  When you’ll be able to see the warmth rising from wok add within the oil.  Add within the smashed garlic clove and use spatula to maneuver it round, urgent towards the wok.  This can assist infuse the oil with garlic taste.  This can solely take a number of seconds.  Add in salt after which the winged beans.  Stir  and flip for 30 secs then splash in rice wine.  Stir one other 30 secs then add in minced garlic. Stir for one more 30 seconds, then flip warmth to low, cowl the wok, let prepare dinner coated for 30 secs.  Verify style and modify salt if needed.  Give the cornstarch and water an excellent stir, pour into the wok and stir briskly till the sauce thickens and clings to the bean, 5-10 secs.   Take away instantly from wok to serving dish.  That is it, it is that easy.  Take pleasure in!

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